How not to sell an item

More of just a follow on from my previous post, I remembered quite a little amusing nugget that happened last night.

I was picking up the Macbook Pro and I was eyeing through the accessories for a spare power adapter for the home office, saving me time moving it around with me, an employee approached me and asked the usual questions, after I explained I was picking up a Macbook Pro and a extra power cable he started telling me about the Superdrive (paraphrasing what he said);

"If you're looking to get a Macbook its an essential item, i've got one with mine, i've probably only used it once in about 6 months, but you can't be without it."

Not really the stellar use-case I was looking for, and not really something you should say if you're trying to upsell. I do get what he was aiming for, i've got a small Samsung portable DVD drive that is USB powered and it really came into its own when I realized not a single PC in the house had a optical drive, but still, he could of worded it a little better.

Anyway, if I wanted a £65 super drive to reinstall OSX or something I can grab a Thunderbolt to Firewire adapter and use my 12" Powerbook in target mode, Ooooh yes.

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