Office 2016 for Mac

First of all, this is in no way a product review or anything that should resemble any sort of insight into Office 2016, as the sidebar suggest this is just my inane ramblings on the subject, be it insightful or just utter crap.

For the longest time it seems that the Office team and the Mac team at Microsoft have never really communicated except for throwing the odd document over regarding docx compatibility or some other quirky VBA feature they added in to sooth some crazy corporate. The Mac version of Office has always been the step daughter that the family are pleasant about but don’t really want to talk about them, from the Mac user perspective they’ve always come out with a workable product but it had its odd quirks and never really fitted in with the Mac OS UI/UX style guidelines.

It seems this has changed, as many people have commented in various blog posts over the last year or two that Microsoft is changing, faced with several big companies slowly eating their lunch while they’re not looking it seems that the new batch of products being thrown out are aimed to impress, and Office 2016 for Mac is one of these.

I mean, look at it.

So OK, its not all about the GUI fluff, what really counts is the UX and how everything works together. I feel confident to say you could put someone who is a heavy Office for Windows user in front of this version and they can use it without any major issues. What bugged me in the past is that Office for Mac had its own style and layout which people had to get used to, it seems that the Office and Mac teams are actually working together now and the result is a great product.

I’m sure that after a few weeks usage i’ll be at my usual situation of wanting to pull my hair out trying to get something done, but for the moment i’m basking in the UI goodness…