Starting Again

This is possibly the 5th iteration of a personal blog i’ve had over the years, I think I started around 2001-ish with a b2/cafelog setup, the software that eventually gave birth to Wordpress. I’m not really much of a blogger and my total number of posts over the years probably total up around 500-600, the vast majority of which have been lost forever between the several system moves and lapse of hosting.

So, what now?

I’ve been a big fan of static generators, I’ve never really felt the need to host a heavy solution like Wordpress and after helping out a few sites in their early days struggling with load i’d rather wish to avoid doing that all over again. Jeykll and Pelican seem to be the “big boys” in the static generator scene, but a new startup of Hugo wrote in Go seems to have that right balance of simplicity and features. In terms of hosting i’ve actually cheaped out and took advantage of Github’s static page hosting, with a simple CNAME I now have a fully featured website with just the bits I need.

For those interested, my site’s code is up on Github. Heres to another few years of idle blogging.