Easy bag organisation with the Grid-All


I’ve been eyeing up the Cocoon Grid-It for some time, it looked like the perfect tool to keep all that loose crap in my bag organised in a sensible and easy accessible way. The only thing that pushed me away was the price which just seemed a tiny too high for the actual product itself, I understand its quite a unique idea and they put a tax on that, but still for a stiff piece of card with some woven elastic over it?

Thankfully the other day I came across a Chinese “competitor” version, a little bit cheaper and into the price range I was looking for, so I snapped one up on Amazon and gave it a go. When I received the package yesterday I was a little shocked that it came in the exact same packaging as the Cocoon versions you see in the Apple store. It seems that Cocoon has suffer the same fate as other companies, their unique product designs are re-badged by the factory that produces them for their own direct cut of the product. The most common victims of this are the electronic cigarette community where frequently you’ll have clones or the actual mass produced products rebadged and sold at a large discount over the original creators. Its a shame to support these type of tactics but I originally thought it would be a simple competitor instead of a direct factory rebadge and rip-off.

The product works exactly as its designed, holding tight even small USB OTG cables, and the rubber threading through the elastic keeps good firm grip on any items you put in it. I picked up the 30cm x 20cm version which is large enough to hold the bits I need on the go, and it easily fits into my Crumpler laptop bag with lots of room to spare.

So, i’d highly recommend it, but get one from Cocoon, and support the original innovators and not the knock-offs.