The Big Purchase

For what feels like forever i’ve been agonising over which laptop to buy to provide me with a decent, portable development environment. I dislike being stuck at a desk, for long periods i’ve always had a decent machine to sit on my lap and pound away at when the ideas come to me, in a previous life it was my tiny Eee PC, and before that a 12” Powerbook. For the last four or so years most of my code has been wrote on a i5 home build PC running Windows, and now that the machine is a little long in the tooth and starting to drag I decided it was time to change.

So today I went to pickup a 13” Macbook Pro, middle of the line one with 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD, the old PC will be retired to gaming and the Macbook will be my go-to machine for general browsing and development work.

I’m not a “cult of Mac” member, I’ve had the odd Apple devices in my past but theres no way in hell i’m going to drop my Android phones for iOS devices. For me, Apple provide some excellent hardware that can’t really be equaled at the moment, and the “Apple Tax” has slowly disappeared since the switch to Intel hardware they present themselves as a well price device in the upper mid range laptop market. I had a look through the various competitors over the last few days and while they produce hardware around about the same specs and price as a Macbook it seems theres always concessions, better CPU, lower spec GPU, lower price, lower quality screen.

I’ve also come to realise that the majority of my workflow (Evernote, RTM, YNAB) have all OSX versions with equal or better quality, the odd game I enjoy playing on the go have equal versions on OSX as well (Prison Architect, FTL). So for me the Macbook sneaked in as a choice. I know some people will berate me, but hell its just a laptop, and it works for me.