The Doxie One Scanner

As some may know, I have a utter deep hatred for all things Epson now. Around about 3 months ago I went to print something and the printer delightfully informed me that my Pink was low and that I should replace it, never mind that I was printing a letter purely in black and white, it still wanted the pink. We didn’t have a cartridge to spare so I had to go get one from the shop, thinking that all the other levels were ok. When I got back I was frustrated when I switched it out and the printer ended up prompting for cyan as well.

Needless to say, its now sat in the junk pile and a nice cheap laser printer has replaced it.

…but this isn’t what this post is about. The real frustrating part of using a multifunction Epson printer is that you can’t use any other functions of it unless the ink cartridges are ok, which really kicked me in the arse as I used the printer to scan in all my documents into Evernote. So now I had to find a replacement.

I had a look through the market, and the amazing expensive but excellent “Evernote Scanner” which is a rebranded Fujitsu iX500, and some dirty cheap flat beds from eBay but one did catch my eye;

Doxie One

The Doxie One. Available for £99 (at the time of writing) on its a small and compact scanner that can operate without a PC, dumping the resulting files on a SD card in a standard DCIM file layout, so anything that can read a camera’s SD card can take these images. Excellent.

The Doxie series of scanners are made to be small and useful, its bigger brother the Doxie Go also adds a higher scanning resolution (600 DPI) and a internal lithium-ion battery. This isn’t to say the One is inferior, it has a 300 DPI resolution and takes AAA batteries to just as portable as the Go.

So the scanner itself works wonderfully, it chewed through my 40 page tenancy agreement with ease and the software allowed me to clean up the pages and “staple” them all together as a nice single PDF to store in Evernote, while it doesn’t win any awards for image quality (after all its 300 DPI) the speed and portability of the device really does make up for.

If you need a small, portable scanner to plow through your odd documents and receipts ready to be stored in Evernote or its kin, its an excellent buy and i’d suggest it.