Upgrade Pains

Yesterday I learned a lesson the hard way. I upgraded a “production” system (My home MythTV box) to the latest testing version of Debian and suffered numerous small failures. The knock on effects meant the MythTV system was unavailable for recording for about five hours, much to the frustration of the other half.

The idea came to me at first when I spotted that MythTV 0.22 has been released and maybe it was time to upgrade to get up to speed, of course I didn’t read through the new features list or check out what was happening in the world of MythTV. As it turns out, nothing changed that affected me or improved the situation . I did a senseless upgrade when I didn’t need to.

So, from now on i’ll follow a simple checklist:

  • Do you need to upgrade? Will it fix a bug or a ongoing issue?
  • Do you REALLY need to upgrade? Will the upgrade fix a world shattering issue?

Production systems usually run old software for a reason, I learned that today.