The Commuters vs. East Midlands Trains

For quite a while now, commuters on the heavily loaded Liverpool to Norwich service have suffered with cramped conditions and late trains. Personally, I’ve been travelling this service for nearly four years and seen the highs and lows.

Originally the service was handled by Central Trains, who at their best used to run a terrible service, many people complained and nothing happened. November 2007 gave new hope, Central Trains were finally pushed to the sidelines and a new franchise took over the running of this critical route for Liverpool-Manchester commuters. At first many rejoiced at the sight of four carriages and a return to the level of service we expect. Trains ran on time, fully formed, and working well. Six months later, it’s a different story. What we saw was a reduction in service back to the good old Central Trains days. The issue now is that this service is worse than Central Trains ever was; four carriages are the oddity of the service, not the norm.

So enter Train Sardine, a new website for the disgruntled commuters who have to put up with this service. This group aims to give one voice for the the route and hopefully give some marked improvement, only time will tell but if your interested in helping out then check out the website.